I Want To See You Naked!

Yes, I Want To See You Naked! Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you're reading this, you should know one thing: I Want To See You Naked!

Why do I Want To See You Naked? Am I some huge pervert who just likes looking at naked people? Yes! But there's also a serious art project going on here -- a crowd-sourced study of the human body in all its forms. Most importantly, though: I Want To See You Naked!

Please email photos to Pimping4Art@Gmail.com. You can also include a brief biography or statement about why you're submitting your photos. Please include a statement that you are 19 or older (no kiddie porn here!), and tell me whether you want to see your photo posted on this website so other people can See You Naked, or whether the photo is for my eyes only (and to be shared with nobody else, ever).

Remember: I Want To See You Naked!

Submit photos to: Pimping4Art@Gmail.com